Cancer patients face not just a physical and emotional battle against their illness but also a financial one, spending an average of $1,300 annually on transportation for just two trips to healthcare facilities each month. This substantial outlay highlights a critical gap in the healthcare system: the financial burden of accessing necessary care.


Rally Behind You is tackling this challenge head-on, aiming to reduce the financial and logistical barriers that stand between patients and treatment. A single app streamlines access to essential services like transportation to not only ease financial strain but also reduce the stress and logistical nightmares often associated with frequent hospital visits.


The cost of transportation can become a significant barrier, preventing patients from receiving timely and consistent care. Missed appointments not only hinder a patient’s treatment plan but also contribute to increased healthcare costs over time. Rally Behind You is bridging the divide with one solution that simplifies the journey to and from healthcare providers.


Our proprietary AI system connects patients with reliable transportation options, ensuring they can reach their appointments without the added stress of navigating public transit systems or the financial burden of frequent taxi rides.  By bringing together a trusted network of family, friends, providers, and beyond, we're creating a holistic ecosystem of support that prioritizes the patient's well-being at every step.


Join us in our mission to play a crucial role in improving patient access to vital transportation support and resources. Together, we can ensure that logistical challenges no longer act as barriers to cancer treatment, allowing patients to focus on what truly matters: their health and recovery.


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