“I think I have cancer.”


I vividly remember her expression—the concern evident in her eyes, her lips trembling with a bittersweet smile of disbelief—as she uttered those haunting words. It was two years ago when my wife was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a moment forever etched in my memory. Little did I know that what lay ahead was more than a cancer treatment journey but a full-fledged war. 


In the vast landscape of human experiences, few challenges evoke the same sense of confrontation and endurance as warfare. While the battlegrounds of war and cancer may differ in their terrain and adversaries, the essence of the struggle remains the same—a fight for survival, marked by resilience, sacrifice, and the determination to overcome. 


A cancer diagnosis thrusts you onto a battlefield of a different kind—the battlefield within. Here, the enemy is insidious, lurking within the body, challenging every aspect of life. As they embark on this journey, therein lies the parallels between their struggle and that of a soldier at war, not fought with guns and grenades but with resilience and fortitude. 


I recall a night when fatigue enveloped me, spending hours shuttling between hospitals for MRI exams while navigating immediate childcare support needs for my son. In the midst of exhaustion, my thoughts turned to how a single parent facing a cancer diagnosis could possibly cope. It was then that I delved into research and uncovered health-related social needs. The findings were staggering, especially considering the amount of support available in the United States.


There are 1.6 million Americans diagnosed with cancer each year. They battle not only the emotional and physical toll of the disease but also barriers to care–from transportation insecurity to childcare challenges and the complexities of accessing support resources. This has contributed to a $150 billion opportunity cost for healthcare providers due to patient no-shows, exacerbating an already strained healthcare system that might mean life or death. 


Drawing on my expertise in healthcare as a scientist, I was determined to find a more effective approach that would allow patients, providers, and payers to derive benefits by optimizing and streamlining existing support resources. Amidst cancer's adversaries, I began my journey toward transforming a battlefield into a global solution. 


In July 2023, Rally Behind You was founded out of the necessity for a better and more seamless system for every patient, their families, and those who seek to support them. Today, with a growing team of technology, healthcare, privacy, and security experts, we’re united in a mission to ensure no one navigates treatment alone–and we're starting with cancer. 


In an era where the discourse around AI may revolve around wariness, let us harness its potential to unite people, fostering unity and compassion. Together, we can change the battle against cancer into a journey of hope and resilience, offering unwavering support to transform despair into hope. 


Rally Behind You is more than an AI concierge platform; it’s a call to action to help patients find, access, and connect vital support networks and resources that can bring them closer to the treatment and care they need to prevail.  Just as nations unite against external threats, communities—family, friends, healthcare teams, religious organizations, non-profit organizations, research institutions, and businesses—can band together to help battle cancer’s internal foe. 


Join us in rallying support for patients no matter where and when. Join Rally Behind You