Navigating the complexities of cancer care involves more than just medical treatments; it also presents barriers to navigating access to eligible resources and care. The steps to identify, qualify for, and apply for vital services can add an overwhelming burden for patients and their families already facing the emotional and physical toll of treatment.


One of the biggest barriers to accessing care and treatment is securing reliable transportation. The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) noted in a article that social workers are seeing patients struggling to afford transport or not having anyone to take them.


“Both the frequency of appointments and the distance to and from appointments can impact people who are receiving cancer treatment, according to Leeann Medina-Martinez, LCSW, CancerCare’s patient assistance program manager and an oncology social worker.”


Patients require timely and convenient access to treatment, while their families need support managing day-to-day responsibilities and logistics. While transportation services exist, they often demand lengthy application processes and advanced scheduling.


At Rally Behind You, we have built a solution that supports all patients, irrespective of the health plan or state program they belong to. Our free mobile app is designed to provide patients with streamlined access to transportation services, making the journey towards cancer treatment and care a little less cumbersome.


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